How to find the MAC address of an offline computer?

There are multiple ways of getting the MAC address of a system that is on either locally or remotely. But, what if your system is off, you do not have physical access to the system and you wanted to turn it on remotely using Wake on Lan(WOL)? In order to turn your computer on remotely using WOL you need to know the MAC address of that system. If you are not planned this ahead of time, finding the systems MAC address might not be very easy. What are your options?

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Apple and Quality Control

Steve Jobs announced today that the reception problems with iPhone 4 is not limited to iPhone 4, it also affects 3G and 3GS as well. Apple is going to give free bumpers to all iPhone 4 owners. So, here is a question: If the same antenna problem exists in 3G and 3GS, why doesn’t Apple give free bumpers/cases to 3G and 3GS owners as well? He said that He has a theory why more people are noticing the reception problem with iPhone 4: It is because Apple did not produce enough iPhone 4 bumpers, so the iPhone 4 buyers couldn’t get a case/bumper with their iPhone 4 purchase. Isn’t this as same as saying “Our phones don’t function properly without a case” Continue reading “Apple and Quality Control”