How to find the MAC address of an offline computer?

There are multiple ways of getting the MAC address of a system that is on either locally or remotely. But, what if your system is off, you do not have physical access to the system and you wanted to turn it on remotely using Wake on Lan(WOL)? In order to turn your computer on remotely using WOL you need to know the MAC address of that system. If you are not planned this ahead of time, finding the systems MAC address might not be very easy. What are your options?

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More Yoga Schedules

I’ve updated the Bay Area Yoga Schedules site with two more Yoga Schedules. It is amazing how messed up some of these sites are. For example someone in LifeStretch Yoga decided not to indicate if the time given is AM or PM, and of course they are not using 24 hour notation either. So, when you see a Yoga class at 8:30, you have no idea if it is in the morning or at night. Who does this kind of nonsense stuff? Also it appears to me that they don’t know how to create borders for some cells of the HTML table while leaving other cells border-less, since they crammed the entire day’s schedule in a same cell. This type of unconventional methods makes my life very difficult of course as I am programmatically trying to make sense of the HTML code to extract the schedule. I have to admit it is not fair to pick on this one Yoga studio as others are not any better.

That said, If you somehow find my Bay Area Yoga Schedules site and if you want your favorite Yoga studio to be added to the list, drop me a line here. I’ll do my best to add it in the list. If you are a Yoga studio owner and want to participate in this, drop me a line using the contact form below.


Yoga Schedules in better format

I am one of those people who continuously generate new ideas, and most inventions are born because of a need. Lately, I found myself scrambling to find a yoga class in odd times. Since I don’t have a routine, the classes and studios I go changes all the time. Some might think it is crazy, but it suits me just fine. The problem is to find a yoga class when I needed one. The process involves going to individual sites of my favorite yoga studios and checking if they have an upcoming class for the time I am available and if it is the right type of yoga class or not. This process takes way too longer then I like, and since I am an expert of automating data collection and presentation, I decided to come up with my own calendar that combines all of my favorite Yoga studios schedules into one giant calendar. About 3 hours of work allowed me to combine 4 different yoga studios schedule. It would’ve taken shorter if I knew the Google Calendar API ahead of time. Since I learned the Google Calendar API now and leveraging the Google Calendar to store the schedules of the different yoga studios, it’ll be easy to expand this. I’ll add more yoga studios soon. You can check it out at here: